Miracle World Software Development Inc

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  • 250 IT specialists on board
  • 400+ delivered projects
  • 100+ clients from across the globe
  • 19 years on the market


Dedicated Development Teams & IT Staff Augmentation
  • Highly talented teams with great budgets. 250 people working full-time on client projects. We are most effective in starting teams of 3-10 engineers!
  • Software Development Process based on world best practices, that we have been refining since 2001 with more than 20,000 man/months of services provided.
  • Structured risk management through experimental and lean approach.
  • Scalable recruitment process to get the best people working with us as fast as possible.
  • Culture to foster innovation, generate ideas and solve issues for our clients.
  • Always win-win oriented, with full transparency and accountability practices embedded in the process.

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and 150+ engineers in Kyiv office
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